Mountain Dog Food

One of the biggest website builds we've ever had, this website features a fully customized website with approximately 100 pages. Included in this build was construction of two PHP databases with search functions, for displaying product ingredients and showing resellers. A user log-in area was also constructed, as well as associated databases for an online order form and coupon system. It also has a newly added blog. Visit the website here.

Canadian Warmblood Young Breeders

A medium sized website of 15 pages, including a user log-in area. Features a custom layout with a rotating image header. This website includes a hosting package through Telus, managed by Tazzmedia. Visit the website here.

Canadian Association of Raw Pet Food Manufacturers

A small website build of 6 pages, featuring a fully customized layout. Also included in this build was updating their existing logo to better fit a web presence. Visit the website here.

Three Bays, Jumping

A custom blog build using Wordpress for my own horses. Visit the website here.

Southwest Edmonton Farmers' Market

A university project redesigning the Farmers' Market's front page, for greater accessibility and improved optics. Visit the demo here.