before you buy

Before you build your webpage, there are a few things to consider! This information is specifically geared towards the equine or canine industry, but is applicable to many other genres of website. We'll ask you about some, or all of these questions and considerations during the process of your build.

first things first...

These are generic questions to help us design the website.

your home page

Your home page should include some of the following aspects. We rely on you to provide this information!

sale animals, breeding stock, lesson horses, etc.

Show off what you do!
Each animal should have its own page with some of the following details.

other considerations

There are lots of other things you may want to include on your site. Here are a few.

If you've read this over, congratulations, you're ahead of the game! You're ready to start building your website with our help. We'll work with you to make sure all your needs are met.